미래포럼 발기인 일동
MEERAE Forum Corporation has a goal to study, discuss and implement together
by opinion leaders gathered from each field of society for the development of family and
society along with mutual trust which is the base of future generation.

The 21st Century where we live together with the future generation should be the society that generalizes the righteousness and equality; and the society that respects the diversity through trust and care. For this purpose, new path, new order, new perspective, new power, and new value are required to lead the new generation.
However, throughout our entire current society, nationwide mistrust and nihilism are overflowed that cannot be ignored any longer. The sensory unemployment rate of young generation in Korea has reached 12.3% and the lowest birth rate in the world 1.3 people. Especially, the low birth rate was caused by the weakness of social environment and social safety net that can bring up the future generation and by the abnormal growth throughout the various fields. The risks of general society and future now have become our own risk caused by the reduction of future generation due to the declining birth rate and the rapid advancement of aging society.
Worrying about high unemployment rate and aging society that have emerged as such social issues, present initiators have prepared the launching of MEERAE Forum to find various plans to contribute to our society with our possessed talents in order to open a new era for future generations. We insist that the human right should be given to everyone equally in all fields of education, labor, honor, respect, and right to enjoy fair freedom. For we believe that this will surely strengthen the competitiveness of our future and entire country.
Today, all of initiators of MEERAE Forum officially declare the launching of MEERAE Forum in order to share the responsibility for the future generation, and share and make the dream for the future society with a vision for the construction of healthy, transparent, trustful, and safe future society for the next generation.

All Fifteen Initiators of MEERAE Forum in December 6, 2004

Kang, Jiwon, Kim, Meehwa, Kim, Soonjin, Nam, Seungwoo, Moon, Kukhyun, Park, Youngsook, Park, Juhyun, Ahn, Cheolsoo, Oh, Sehoon, Lee, Gilyeo, Lee, Boyoung, Lee, Yongkyung, Jang, Hongsoon, Chung, Kwangmo, Chung, Guhyun



The leaders of each group in society have gathered and visualized the concept of MEERAE Forum that plants a good cause and bears a meaningful fruit with their own ability sweating for the establishment of future reliable society.


the set of parts, we have composed the shape of cooperative body that waters the good seed with sweat and cares to bear meaningful fruit.

The shape that is overlapped with the motive of same shapes means the diversity, set and concentration that bear the performance by opinion leaders who gather the strength together. The logo is a genuine style of MEERAE Forum developed exclusively, that has been designed for the sense of times.


These symbolic objects are the variation of MEERAE Forum’s symbol.

In order to seat a small basket with small letters written for the establishing goal and six progressive tasks of MEERAE Forum and to implement these tasks, the harmonious gathering has been shaped for 100 regular members and 1,000 talented members, and members of Ten Thousandth Clu.b who pay the membership fee of ten thousandth of sales.
The basic golden light metaphorically expresses that the shining talents of members are the permanent property of the society, and the added blue color expresses that MEERAE Forum aims at a transparent and positive future.

A committed member, Mr. Cho, Dongup (Professor of Hansei University) has shared his talent for the design of MEERAE Forum’s logo and symbol mark.